Custom Synthesis


ABX offers the following services:

-  Custom synthesis in quantities from milligrams to kilograms, development, and production of:
       PET precursors and reference standards
       SPECT precursors
-  Synthesis of Peptides from 5 to 40 amino acids (quantities up to 10 grams) special modifications including: D-amino acids, conjugation with complexation ligands, Biotin, others on request
-  GMP production in full compliance with pharma industry standards of quality and confidentiality and in compliance with ICH Q7 (GMP for APIs), chapter 19 (APIs for use in clinical trials)
-  Establishing DMF (Drug Master File) for PET and SPECT precursors
-  Performance of stability studies
-  Custom research, consultancy service and expertises for the production of new or already existing/known PET precursors for the execution of clinical and pharmaceutical studies/trials.