Shielding Accessories

for β radiation


To further minimize the radiation exposure, especially when working with β emitters such as 90Y and Modular-Lab PharmTracer, Eckert & Ziegler offers a wide range of special beta shielding accessories (Plexiglas) as an add-on to your synthesis device.

Detail Information

The following beta shielding products for Modular-Lab PharmTracer help ensuring user’s radiation safety and are therefore recommended when working with beta emitters such as 90Y.

β-shielding for 90Y and 177Lu cassettes
The cassette shielding for the single-use 90Y and 177Lu cassettes minimizes the users contact with the contaminated cassette during the disposal.

Upper shell for transport box
The upper shell is part of the waste box. It is put on the waste box and can so guarantee a safe cassette-drop into the transport box.

Waste box for 90Y and 177Lu cassettes
The waste box (transport box) ensures the safe storage of the contaminated cassettes during the decay of the activity.

Vial downholder for 90Y vial
The vial downholder eases the insertion of the needle into the 90Y vial.

β-shielding container for product vial or waste vial
For safe transport of a 27 ml Chromacol product vial or 100 ml waste vial

β-shielding gripper for product or waste vial
For safe handling of a product or waste vial