Molecular Imaging / Nuclear Medicine and PET Equipment / Department and Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Fridge
Easily Stackable With Other Bromic Single Door Units, Door Lock To Secure Stock, Adjustable 30mm Feet And Back Rollers, 3 Adjustable Shelves + Base, Stainless Steel Top And Door Frame, Temperature Range: +1°C To +10°C
Laboratory Freezer
Easily Stackable With Other Bromic Single Door Units, Door Lock To Secure Stock, Adjustable 30mm Feet And Back Rollers, 3 Baskets With Static Cooling Inbetween, Stainless Steel Top And Door Frame, Temperature Range -24°C To -16°C
Patient Couch
The contoured shape gives the therapist maximum access to any part of the body while maintaining maximum client comfort.
Big Digit Timer
Permits simultaneous timing of two procedures of different lengths
Use in Capintec's own facility to pick up vials. Simple device for use in your lab. Made of aluminum with rubber tips for a positive grip on the vial. Standard length is 9".
Corning Hot Plate
The Corning Hot Plate is perfect for heating sulfur colloid and other kits that require specific and constant temperatures.
Daily Log Books
Nicely bound and clearly written to make the task of daily record keeping as painless as possible.
Perfect for gripping vials rather than handling them with your hand. The serrated jaws and looped tip assure a solid grasp on the vial.
High-Handle Step Stool
Increase your patient's safety when getting on or off an imaging or x-ray table, by using the high-handled step stool. Strong and stationary step for patients due to its steel construction and non-skid foot covers.
HotPot Digital Dry Heater
Eliminates splashes from boiling water, Digital temperature control, Count down timer with automatic shut off, 4mm lead shielding on all sides, Heater range up to 160°C
Injection Stand
Offers the patient and the technologist a convenient way to stabilize the patient's arm in the correct and stable position for drawing blood or for other injections.
Instrument Stand
provides a convenient place for numerous small objects in order to have them available when needed, tray may be removed for easy cleaning.
Mechanical Timer/Alarm
The count-down timer/alarm requires no batteries or AC power. It is spring-powered and goes anywhere it’s needed. Time intervals are from 15 seconds to 2 hours. Built for laboratory use, it is chemical resistant.
Stainless Steel Lab Cart
The mobile stainless steel lab cart gets a lot of use in a nuclear medicine or X-ray department. Capintec offers a full line of carts.
Premium Blanket Warmers
These five premium Blanket Warmers models have been designed to accommodate medical centres and hospitals where blankets are required to be stored safely in a warm and clean environment.