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Calicheck Linearity Test Kit
The innovative CALICHECK linearity test kit provides system testing of a dose calibrator in less than 10 minutes. The CALICHECK attenuates Tc-99m by known values.
This unit requires a low pressure or regulated pressure to operate. A minimum of 25psi supply line is needed.
The CAP-MAC-S® is similar to the moly assay canister, but is specially designed for unit-dose syringes of Tc-99m labeled radiopharmaceuticals.
Chamber Well Insert
Every Capintec dose calibrator in the CRC family already comes with this protective chamber well insert. If it becomes contaminated, you can easily remove it for washing with a decontaminate. Or, you can buy an extra chamber well insert to use until the other one decays to background levels.
Copper Liner
This liner eliminates variations in readings when measuring I-123. It is 2-3/4" in diameter (outside), and 11-3/4" in length (overall). It receives a standard dipper.
Optility ™ Nuclear Medicine Management Software
Version 3 Now Available! A state of the art nuclear medicine management software package.
CRP-200 Dose Tickets And Labels
By popular demand we have added the “little patient” to this ticket making it possible to mark the site of injection. Also included, for your convenience, is a place to write the patients Name, I.D. number,
CRP-500 Radionuclide Dose Tickets
Sometimes known as the “tickets with the little patient,” the CRP-500 forms are designed for printers connected to a Capintec dose calibrator.
CRP-600 Radiochemical Purity Tickets
Use these CRP-600 forms in printers connected to a Capintec dose calibrator. Works with Epson ticket or Okidata printers.
CRP-700 Pre-Cal Record Tickets
Designed for printers connected to a Capintec dose calibrator. Works with Epson ticket or Okidata printers.
Environmental Shield
Reduce background radiation more than 10 times with the environmental shield. Fitting any Capintec CRC dose calibrator with a remote ionization chamber, the shields consists of 9 interlocking lead rings that surround the chamber.
Epson Roll Printer
An Epson printer is provided as an option for the CAPRAC®-t, Caprac®, Caprac®-R, CRC®-25W, CRC®-55tW Wipe Test/Well Counters.
Epson Ticket Printer
This hard working printer made by Epson is offered as an option for the CRC-25 and CRC-55t Families of Dose Calibrators, CRC-Beta Enhanced Counter, CAPRAC and the CAPRAC-R Well/Wipe Counters.
Moly Assay Canister
Verify that the amount of Mo-99 contamination in your vial of Tc-99m is within NRC or state regulatory limits with a molybdenum assay canister.
Mounting Flange
The Mounting Flange allows the chamber for the CRC-25R to be mounted in a cabinet or fume hood flush with the surface of the counter top, saving counter space. This is a MUST for all hot labs with limited counter space.
Okidata Printer
For use with the CRC-25R, CRC-25W, CRC-55tR, CRC-55tW, and CRC-127R, the Okidata MicrolineTM 320i provides for ease of use and rugged reliability. It is rated for 5,000 hours and offers Near Letter Quality documents plus high-resolution graphics with only 9 pins.
Syringe Dipper Adaptor
7310-1109 Syringe Dipper Adaptor
Vial/Syringe Dipper
Every calibrator comes with a sample holder. Sometimes known as the dipper, this holder is specially designed to hold syringes and vials of all sizes. You can order additional sample holders as a separate item.