RAMDA 3200

RAMDA 3200


Rotem RAM DA 2000 Meter

The RAM DA-3-2000 provides a straightforward, fast and reliable method to collect and store monitoring data on site for later use. The measurements' data, date and time, are stored in a built-in memory. The stored data records can be downloaded by the SMARTS (Survey Mapping Automatic Radiation Tracking System) or the RMV (ROTEM Meter View) software packages. The RAM DA-3-2000 is ideal for use in nuclear medicine, radiography and radiotherapy facilities, life science laboratories, nuclear research centers and in other industrial applications.

The RAM DA-3-2000, a microprocessor based meter, includes an internal detector with two energy compensated GM tubes; ZP1201 and ZP1313 (Air kerma dose equivalent) or ZP1202 and ZP1314 (Ambient dose equivalent (H*10)) for wide range gamma fields measurement, from 0.5 µSv/h to 1 Sv/h (50 µR/h to 100 R/h).


Large, Easy to read, Illuminated, Digital & analog custom made LCD Unique algorithms to achieve fast response and stable readings Optional Bar code laser for location identification of reading Built-in memory to store measurements data RS-232 communication port SMARTS and RMV software compatibility Automatic self-test of meter and detector Various types of external detectors Automatic detector identification No need for re-calibration with each detector change Wide range internal gamma detection tubes Autoranging Automatic recording of dose accumulation Freeze mode to record highest dose rate Manually set threshold alarm Low battery, overflow and failure alarms Two alarm relay contacts for external interface Versatile: Can function either as ratemeter or scaler marked

RAM DA-3-2000 with wide range internal detector RAM DA-2000 without internal detector


The RAM DA 2000 is available with dual, wide range internal GM detectors (RAM DA3-2000) and a choice of external interchangeable detectors suitable for alpha, beta, low or high-energy gamma and X-ray detection. These quality, plug and play detectors automatically recalibrate and select the appropriate readout units when connected to the RAM DA 2000.

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RAM DA3-2000

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