Molecular Imaging / Nuclear Medicine and PET Equipment / Radiation Saftey / Decontamination

Rugged Steel Construction Positive Leverage Foot Petal with Hinged Lid for "Hands Free" Operation Shielded with 1/8" of lead- ideal for low energy radioactive waste Includes Rigid Spill Proof Liner
Absorbent Paper
To line all work surfaces, Capintec offers a highly absorbent paper. This consists of multi-ply embossed paper laminated to thin plastic for protection from bleed-through and strength.
Bind-It Decontamination Products
Bind-It decontamination spray is ideal for general purpose cleanup of nuclear medicine isotopes. Whether in the hot lab, receiving, camera rooms or patient isolation areas, Bind-It does the job.
Decontamination Kit
This kit contains all protective clothing, decontaminants and accessories for handling radioactive spills or other routine contamination problems in the lab. Each kit comes in a 13 gallon metal drum with a radioactive label and can be used for storing radioactive waste.
Minor Spill Emergency Kit
Capintec’s Minor Spill Emergency Kit is based on the suggested contents described in NRC Reg Guide. The Minor Spill Kit is better suited for use in the Nuclear Medicine area.
Radi-Clean Decontaminant
This mild but powerful concentrate will safely remove radioactive contamination and problem substances from all types of lab apparatus.
Warning Signs & Labels
State and Federal regulations require that all radiation areas and radioactive materials be identified conspicuously and properly to provide adequate warning to anyone in the area.