Automatic dose drawing station

µ DDS-A is the first and only automatic dose drawing system that's been cetified as Medical Device (CE 0476): it allows a safe and quick dose drawing for PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals through a shielded syringe with no need for any intervention by external operators.

µ DDS-A is compact and easy to handle: these features assure improved ergonomy and an easy manual backup of the radiopharmaceutical product in case of failure.  A Shielded option is also available, to grant the operator a  full protection during the whole radiopharmaceuticals manipulation and dispensing operations.


µ DDS-A is also available with an additional self-shielding: µ-Shield. This configuration makes it perfect to be installed inside poorly shielded environments (i.e. in case of limited load capacity of the supporting floor).

This stand-alone configuration, together with the hot cell or laminar flow hood shielding, grants a correct protection for the operator during all of the radiopharmaceuticals manipulation and dispensing phases.



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Width: 200mm
Depth: 260mm
Height: 165mm
Weight: 16Kg

Built-in lead container for main vial: 40 mm thickness

The µ DDS-A automatically performs :
•    measurement of both total and specific activity coming from the synthesis module or an external vial
•    bulk activity dilution in the required concentration;
•    single syringe dispensing to the required activity;
•    single syringe dilution at the required volume;
•    vial dispensing to the required volume and activity