DHC is a GMP grade A shielded isolator, with vertical laminar flow all over the working area, dedicated to radiopharmaceuticals dispensing processes in a controlled and safe environment.


FLEX is a multi-purpose GMP grade A shielded isolator, with vertical laminar flow all over the working area. The cell is shielded with 75 mm of Lead in all sides. Its wide inner space and specific equipment make FLEX a flexible working instrument for many different applications


The FLEX 2 is a GMP grade A shielded isolator with automatic dispenser and relevant back-up unit. It is designed with a vertical laminar flow over the complete working area, dedicated to the automatic preparation of radiopharmaceuticals.


The Flexa-Flexall hot cell is a turnkey system composed of a GMP grade B shielded isolator for synthesis and a GMP grade A shielded isolator for dispensing, in one single hot cell. It is designed for the automatic and manual preparation of PET & Nuclear Medicine radiopharmaceuticals injectable doses.

he laminar flow shielded isolator Mod. NMC DSI has been specifically designed for both manual and automatic pharmaceutical preparation of FDG doses for PET diagnostics and conventional Nuclear Medicine isotope doses, according to the GMP standard procedures.
NMC Ga-68
NMC Ga-68 is a GMP grade A hot cell with 2 GMP grade B pre-chambers, 2 gloves, a tray for the synthesis module, a dose calibrator area and a waste container.
Safeflow and LFH
SAFEFLOW and LFH are Class II biohazard safety cabinets with a GMP grade A laminar flow, with different shielding configurations; they are designed for the manual preparation of Nuclear Medicine and PET radiopharmaceuticals injectable doses.