GMP flexible Vials and Syringe dispensing system


FLEX is a multi-purpose GMP grade A shielded isolator, with vertical laminar flow all over the working area. The cell is shielded with 75 mm of Lead in all sides. Its wide inner space and specific equipment make FLEX a flexible working instrument for many different applications:

The manual dispensing can be carried out through the FLEX standard configuration.
The automatic dispensing can be carried out through:

  • µ DDS-A automatic dose drawing system for dispensing closed vials (septum piercing), open vials (closing through crimping station) and shielded syringes at the same time
  • CRP vial dispenser

The cell can be also equipped with an autoclave for the final sterilization of the processed vials mod. AUT 1500.


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external: 1.250(w) x 1.220(d) x 2.480 (h) mm
internal: 920(w) x 820(d) x 640(h) mm

autoclave housing useful dimensions: 500(w) x 500(d) x 500(h) mm

Main equipments

  • n. 1 shielded teletong
  • n. 1 air-tight, shielded and vented pre-chamber (double door drawer)
  • vials and/or syringes extraction system with shielded container retrieval (on front or sides)
  • in-house dose calibrator shielded area
  • front shielded door with lead glass window
  • air-tight polycarbonate inner door with gloves for maintenance and cleaning

Autoclave option (FLEX AU): includes the autoclave in the right side of the hot cell connected internally with a hinged door.

Autoclave Mod. AUT 1500 main features:

  • It performs a whole cycle (for vials sterilization) at 134°C in less than 15 minutes, making 2 initial vacuum phases. (F0 ≥ 60)
  • Maximum load of N. 21 vials (25 ml each)
  • Provided with continuous temperature monitoring, performed through a dedicated probe placed inside a reference vial, which is filled with FDG-like fluid
  • Provided with an automatic motorized open-lock door safety device
  • No waiting time between each cycle, ensuring constant availability of vials
  • Dedicated control unit and manometer


  • for system control, data saving and display
  • eliminates any other hot cell control device
  • makes the system store, save and trace any event and alarm related to the hot cell work
  • grants multilevel password access
  • makes the system store, save and trace any event, access and alarm related to the hot cell work
  • allows efficient TeleTroubleshooting
  • with smooth design - completely embedded in the external finishing of the cell