Automatic Synthesis and Dispensing Hot Cell


The Flexa-Flexall hot cell is a turnkey system composed of a GMP grade B shielded isolator for synthesis and a GMP grade A shielded isolator for dispensing, in one single hot cell. It is designed for the automatic and manual preparation of PET & Nuclear Medicine radiopharmaceuticals injectable doses.

Equipped with:

  • n.1 total laminar air flow area in the upper part
  • n.1 synthesis module area in the lower part
  • n.1 air-tight and vented pre-chamber (double door drawer)
  • vial extraction system (double door tunnel)
  • telepliers
  • integrated dose calibrator area
  • optional vial crimping station Mod. CRP

Manual dispensing can be carried out with the FLEXA-FLEXALL standard configuration.
Automatic dispensing can be carried out with the CRP automatic dispenser for vials.

The Flexa-Flexall hot cells are equipped with inflatable seals to provide air tightness Class II (ISO 10648:2).


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external: 1.370 (w) x 1.220 (d) x 2.680 (h) mm
Upper area: 920 (w) x 820 (d) x 730 (h) mm
Lower area FLEXA: 240 (w) x 710 (d) x 580 (h) mm
Lower area FLEXALL: 720 (w) x 710 (d) x 580 (h) mm
Weight: 13.000 Kg

Main equipments

  • Main double doors: Shielded door for radioprotection and Polycarbonate door for air-tight. The doors are independent and open separately
  • Operator Panel Touch Screen PC: operator software interface for operations handling, system control, data saving and display
  • Vial extraction system for crimped vial automatic delivery
  • N. 1 shielded teletong, complete with relevant lead ball
  • N. 1 lower compartment for synthesis module
  • N.1 vented and air-tight pre-chamber



Shielding mmSynthesis module housed
FLEXALL75Any other fitting module