RES 1 is a GMP grade B isolator for radiopharmaceutical research, with turbulent flow involving the whole working area.

Radiopharmaceuticals synthesis and manipulations take place in a controlled and safe environment as RES 1 has been specifically designed to comply to the latest GMP guidelines. Its inflatable seals are granting an ISO 10648:2 air tightness.

A smart ventilation system keeps both the pressure inside the hot cell and the air exchange constant, iIndependently from building HVAC and filter clogging, and even in cases of: non efficient internal leak tightness - breaking of the gloves - breaking of the teletong booting.


External: 1.290(w) x 1.340(d) x 2.480(h) mm
Internal: 1.000(w) x 910(d) x 885(h) mm

Main features

  • main shielded front door with n.2 shielded hatches (glove ports) + polycarbonate front door with gloves
  • extractable tray and removable support shelf for ancillary equipment storage
  • n.1 air-tight, shielded and vented pre-chamber + n.1 teletong
  • vial extraction system (double door tunnel) + drawer for lead pot retrieval with automatic lid positioning
  • integrated shielded area for dose calibrator
  • protective coating against corrosive agents in the internal area (option)
  • suspended sliding lead glass window in the main working area (option)


ModelLead mmTypical ApplicationWeight KgEmitter Type
RES150High energy SPECT/PET synthesis and manipulation7.000gamma
RES175High energy SPECT/PET synthesis and manipulation10.500gamma
RES190High energy SPECT/PET synthesis and manipulation12.000gamma

HMI Panel PC

  • for system control, data saving and display
  • eliminates any other hot cell control device
  • makes the system store, save and trace any event and alarm related to the hot cell work
  • grants multilevel password access
  • makes the system store, save and trace any event, access and alarm related to the hot cell work
  • allows efficient TeleTroubleshooting
  • with smooth design - completely embedded in the external finishing of the cell