Synthesis modules hot cell

SYNT cell has been designed to host automatic radiopharmaceutical synthesis modules, offering a controlled and safe environment in compliance with the latest GMP guidelines. Its inflatable seals are granting an ISO 10648:2 air tightness while the ventilation system provides a GMP class B clean air environment. The AISI 316L stainless steel inner finishing, the complete extraction of the tray module, the air-tight pass-through system for radio fluids and gases make SYNT the ideal equipment for any synthesis process. As an option, each box of the SYNT 1 and SYNT 2 may be equipped with a specific shielded waste drawer with automatic door (SYNT WASTE DRAWER) that allows the positioning of max n.3 IBA Synthera® modules and, when the synthesis is over, grants the automatic dropping and storing for decaying of the spent cassettes inside the shielded drawer.



w x d x h mmSYNT 1SYNT 2SYNT 1L
External1.000 x 1.170 x 2.4801.000 x 1.170 x 2.4801.130 x 1.320 x2.480
Inner box720 x 710 x 635720 x 710 x 635850 x 860 x 780
Low tech area720 x 710 x 635n.d.830 x 700 x 580
Extractable tray620 x 460620 x 460750 x 600

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  • SYNT WASTE DRAWER: Waste Drawer for IBA Synthesis Modules - It fits with SYNT1 and SYNT2
  • SYNT Cabinet: lateral cabinet for lead pot storage, laptop support and n.2 compartments to house the HPLC of synthesis module


Pos.ModelSynthesis ModulesSTANDARD Lead Shielding in mm - WeightOPTION Lead Shielding in mm - Weight
GMP Air Cleanliness Grade
1SYNT 11*75 - 4.50090 - 5.000B
2SYNT 1L1*75 - 7.50090 - 8.400B
3SYNT 2275 - 6.00090 - 6.600B

 * the lower compartment is conceived as a technical and storage area


  • for system control, data saving and display
  • eliminates any other hot cell control device
  • makes the system store, save and trace any event and alarm related to the hot cell work
  • grants multilevel password access
  • makes the system store, save and trace any event, access and alarm related to the hot cell work
  • allows efficient TeleTroubleshooting
  • with smooth design - completely embedded in the external finishing of the cell