Sterile isolator for blood cell labelling

LF-IS isolator has been speicifcally designed for hazardous preparations under safe conditions for the operator, for the manipulated product and for the environment, according to GMP latest guidelines.

LF-IS isolator allows to prepare biological & radiopharmaceutical products under air tight conditions and laminar flow (over all the working area, at any height) and with a pressure gradient between input/output pre-chambers and working chamber. The air high quality and the working environment high sterility level are granted during both the manipulation and the transferring phase, simplifying the room classification.



ModelWeightExternalMain AreaPre-chamber
 Kgwidth x depth x height in mm
LF-IS 14201.830 x 880 x 2.2602.000 x 600 x 700n. d.550 x 450 x 700
LF-IS 25002.130 x 880 x 2.260350 x 450 x 700
LF-IS 2 CR5602.610 x 880 x 2.260830 x 730 x 950


Main features

  • n. 2 gloves on each external glass door (except LF-IS 2 left pre-chamber)
  • U.V antibacterial lamp in main working area and right-side pre-chamber
  • Duct for particle counter connection
  • 2 mm Pb eq fontal shielded window of the working area

Optional features

  • Anemometer for laminar flow control 
  • Temperature probe
  • Centrifuge for LF-IS2CR
  • Dose calibrator area 


Pos.ModelPre-chambersLeft pre-chamberRight pre-chamberFeatures
1LF-IS 11NoYesCompact dimensions
2LF- IS 22YesYesOne-way workflow
3LF-IS 2 CR2YesYesCentrifuge area (*)


(*) centrifuge not included



Unique Feature: Operator Panel Touch Screen

  • for system control, data saving and display
  • eliminates any other hot cell control device
  • makes the system store, save and trace any event and alarm related to the hot cell work
  • grants multilevel password access
  • makes the system store, save and trace any event, access and alarm related to the hot cell work
  • allows efficient TeleTroubleshooting
  • with smooth design - completely embedded in the external finishing of the cell