Nuclear medicine hot cell: the road to excellence


NMC PRI is a GMP total area vertical laminar flow, Grade A shielded isolator. It is designed for the manual preparation of  SPECT, PET and Nuclear Medicine radiopharmaceuticals injectable doses. Its large inner dimensions make the NMC PRI  perfectly suitable for:

  • µDDS-A automatic dispenser for PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals
  • Synthesis modules housing (dimensions have to be approved by Tema Sinergie Technical Department)

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External: 1.430(w) x 920 (d) z 2.480(h) mm
Internal: 1.200(w) x 590(d) x 730(h) mm

Main features

  • n.1 air-tight, shielded and vented pre-chamber for TC99 generator housing
  • extractable carousel for up to n.4 TC99 generators, with lifting system for the chosen generator
  • n. 1 air-tight, shielded and vented frontal pre-chamber (double door drawer)
  • in-house dose calibrator shielded area
  • front shielded door with lead glass window
  • shielded housing for n.2 waste bins
  • air-tight polycarbonate inner door with gloves for maintenance and cleaning


Pos.ModelGamma emitters lead shielding mmBeta emitters lead shielding mmTypical applicationWeight Kg
1NMC PRI 3030 High energy SPECT5.100
2NMC PRI 30-103010High energy SPECT5.200
3NMC PRI 5050 PET (511KeV)6.750

HMI Panel PC

  • for system control, data saving and display
  • eliminates any other hot cell control device
  • makes the system store, save and trace any event and alarm related to the hot cell work
  • grants multilevel password access
  • makes the system store, save and trace any event, access and alarm related to the hot cell work
  • allows efficient TeleTroubleshooting
  • with smooth design - completely embedded in the external finishing of the cell