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ENVIRO is a complete real time monitoring system for the detection and measurement of:

  • environment radiation
  • air contamination
  • temperature, humidity and pressure.

Performing continuous and simultaneous measurements with no dead times in between makes it a reliable solution to regulatory, health physics safety and production monitoring for all the radioactive sources handling laboratories.

Moreover, its design was specifically studied to fulfill all of the decontamination and cleaning requirements in clean rooms.

ENVIRO can be a stand-alone monitoring station as well as a part of a modular environmental monitoring system integrating all the single units and different types of measurement points.

ENVIRO comes in different configurations to suit any application need.


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Enviro IND


The ENVIRO central unit consists of an industrial PC Windows CE. The operator can change and check all of the parameters through the touch screen threshold directly. ENVIRO is equipped with a 3.5" display for status, alarms and data visualization.

Main features:

  • Ethernet connection for remote support, service and real-time control
  • USB connection, for data download on any USB pen drive and&or connection to any USB printer. ENVIRO on-board memory has a storage capacity extending up to three years.



Dedicated to the on-line real time environmental radiation monitoring of different areas of the lab/facility.

Equipped with local touch screen monitor to display status, alarm and measured data.

The central unit can connect up to n. 2 probes from the following list:

  • GM1: G. M. tube
  • GM2: G. M. tube with extended range (2 probes)
  • BF3: Neutron detector
  • TAR: Nal (2"x2") scintillator
  • GMF: G. M. tube for exhaust duct
  • GME: G. M. tube for external environment
  • GM1-C: G. M. tube for patient collimator
  • GMT: G. M. tube waterproof for tank

Dedicated to the air radiation monitoring.

Comes with:

  • measuring probe for air contamination
  • continuous and simultaneous measure of the released activity and concentration
  • fan for air suction
  • anemometer for air volume measurement

Dedicated to monitor environmental parameters, can connect the following probes:

  • KTU:Temperature and humidity sensor
  • KP: Pressure sensor

Software ( Optional)

  • Enviro network supervision
  • Real time measurement graphics
  • Measurement database
  • Statistic data elaboration
  • Event log visualization (chronological event list)
  • Software automatic recovery after shutdown - no data loss
  • Reports (with printer connection)
  • Automatic back-up and access safety policy (password)
  • Ethernet-based remote control for service and support (via VPN)
  • 2D Lab map for easy probes visualization/locating
  • Software calibration routine
  • Connection to Tema Sinergie hot cell if GM required

PC with 19" monitor and printer is included.
Free software upgrade.