Shielded and Ventilated Passthrough



Shielded and ventilated passthrough to allow the passage of small packages or containers for transport of radiopharmaceuticals between two adjacent rooms, in safe conditions for the operators.

The ventilation system allows to keep a constant air quality in the room of D class even during trasfers.

The passthrough consists in:

The ventilator, according to the installation mode, allows to obtain, inside the room, a negative pressure (-40/60 Pa) or a positive pressure (+40/60 Pa).

Fan features:

Differential manometer features:

Stainless steel finishing.


Model Tunnel useful dimensions Tunnel and doors shielding Weight
PTT/V-M 350/5 350 (w) x 350 (h) x 315 (d) mm 5 mm Pb 40 Kg
PTT/V-M 550/5 350 (w) x 550 (h) x 315 (d) mm 5 mm Pb 50 Kg