Shielded Doors for Cyclotron Bunkers/Vaults


The PSF-CCM is a shielded door for bunkers with non-shieleded cyclotrons. It is a “plug-door” type, which enters the bunker wall in order to re-create the shielding in the opening area of the door. It is as thick as the bunker wall and it is filled with the same concrete type. The PSH1-CB is a 30 mm Pb shielded hinged door for bunkers with self-shielded cyclotrons. The door is equipped with an inflatable seal that assures the air tightness of the cyclotron vault.

PSF-CCM Features

Main equipments: 

  • floor-built rails
  • steel case and frame
  • electrical motor gear
  • safety systems (different configurations)
  • inflatable seals as option

PSH1-CB Features

Main equipments:

  • steel frame embedded in the concrete and filled with Pb
  • oleodynamic power unit
  • safety systems (different configurations)
  • inflatable seas as option