The BD Nexiva™ Diffusics™ System:

Performance under Pressure

Providing quality patient care efficiently and minimizing the risk of complications are always top of mind whenever you use an IV catheter, but power injection protocols can pose particular challenges.

That's why the BD Nexiva™ Diffusics™ Closed IV Catheter System is designed to address common CT IV challenges during power injection procedures.

  • Reduces the destabilizing effects that can lead to extravasation
    • Catheter tip features multiple teardrop-shaped diffusion holes to reduce forces that cause catheter motion in the vein by up to 67%*
  • Enable high flow rates with patients that may require a smaller IV catheter
    • Enables higher flow rates with a smaller gauge catheter (22 G - 24 G),* facilitating difficult venous access situations
  • All-in-one catheter and extension set built for your power injector's 325 psi setting
  • BD Instaflash™ Needle Technology confirms immediate vessel entry, designed to help improve first-stick success
  • BD Vialon™ Biomaterial enables longer dwell times,1† supporting the current Nursing Standards of Practice for clinically indicated site rotation.2

Clinical Evidence

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