Radimetrics™ Enterprise Platform


Whether you manage a small team or network of hospitals, the Radimetrics Platform is the simple yet scalable way to:

  • Document dose
  • Set Dose Reference Levels
  • Benchmark performance
  • Manage protocols
  • Identify outliers

Radimetrics tools can help you comply with new regulatory standards today and prepare you for quality initiatives in the future. With a nationwide team of field specialists committed to simple solutions that address your needs, Radimetrics is the smart choice. Now available on Bayer's new - Medrad® MRXperion™ MR Injection System!


The Radimetrics Platform supports new regulatory standards on dose reporting and tracking, protocol management, and benchmarking. The platform helps patient-care teams report, track, and manage radiation dose and contrast dose throughout the chain of care.

Protocol Management System

Master Protocols Associate similar scanner protocols by mapping them to a master protocol and measuring performance against a common DRL.

Personalized Care & Improved Efficiencies

The Radimetrics Enterprise Platform allows teams to document patient and study information directly from the modality work list, Medrad® Stellant® and Medrad® MRXperion™ injectors* and the scanner. Radiologists, administrators, referring physicians and technologists can access information where and when it's needed throughout their workflows.

Reproducible Quality

Radimetrics software can help teams standardize their diagnostic workflows to manage repeatable quality outcomes.

Investigate Outliers

Platform alerts, benchmarking, and user-directed analytics, can help you identify and analyze outliers for radiation dose and contrast volume.