3860+ MRI IV Infusion Pump


Introducing the 3860+ MRI IV Infusion Pump System

The MRidium® 3860+ MRI IV Infusion System meets the demanding clinical needs of today’s patients, by allowing continuous delivery of fluids and medication throughout the MRI care cycle. The non-magnetic design allows the MRidium® infusion pump to operate safely in ultra high magnetic fields without the need for workarounds typically required with traditional infusion pumps. 
Using a traditional pump near an MRI scanner has the following risks:
• Erratic Performance
• Infusion Flow Accuracy
• Occlusion Alarm Delay
• MRI Image Artifact
• Projectile Hazard

"Finally, an efficient way to transport our critical patients to the MRI"


The days of transferring a patient from traditional transport equipment to the MRI monitor & MRI IV pump in the hallway outside of the MRI suite is now a thing of the past. IRadimed non-magnetic devices are small, lightweight, and easy to use and designed to travel with the patient between the MRI suite and their care unit. These unique transport attributes increase MRI efficiency while decreasing the amount of time critically ill patients are away from their care unit.

Transferring the patient to the MRI monitor in the originating department such as an Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Department or Anesthesia induction room reduces the need for unnecessary equipment transfers providing the following benefits:

  • Reduction in Time Critical Patients are ‘Off Unit’
  • ‘Continuity of Care’ During Inter-Departmental Transports
  • Efficient Use of the MRI Scanner and Increased Patient Throughput
  • Expedited MRI Diagnosis



Portable MRI Pump Features

The MRidium™ 3860+ helps replace 'work around' solutions like running long lines from conventional pumps through a sealed MRI door or wave guide. The 'work around' practice of placing long lines from outside the MRI control room may lead to questionable flow rates and alarm delays due to line occlusions, increased infection rates and costly medication waste.


1: Syringe, Bag or Bottle
Flexible fluid delivery from a syringe, bag or bottle.

2: 12+ Hour Battery Operation
>12 hours of battery operation with smart battery technology provides complete system status.

3: Multiple Wireless Patients
6 channel direct wireless communication allows simultaneous monitoring in both the MRI and control room.

4: Neo to Adult Range
Infusion Range of 0.1 to 1,400 mL/hr provides enough infusion control for a wide range of patients from neonatal to large adult.

5: Deliver Multiple Infusions
Easily expandable to a second channel with add-on 3861 Side Car Module.

6: DERS Safety
DERS Dose Error Reduction System with customizable drug library reduced medication errors.

7: Easy to Use Interface
Quick access button and numeric keypad provide an intuitive workflow while helping preserve the screen for infusion delivery.

8: LED Infusion Indication
Multicolor bright LED lights communicate the status of an infusion from a distance.

9: Inlet Occlusion Detection
Non-Magnetic inlet Occlusion Sensor can detect up to 10 PSI.

10: Non-Magnetic Motors
IRadimed exclusive non-magnetic motors are fully operational up to the 10,000 Gauss Line on 3T scanners.

11: Outlet Occlusion Detection
Non-Magnetic outlet Occlusion Pressure Sensor can detect up to 10 PSI.

12: Free-Flow Prevention
Fluid Free-Flow Preventer protects the patient from improper IV set application.

13: Outlet Bubble Detection
Precise bubble detector is able to detect macro and micro bubbles in the fluid.

14: Integrated Bubble Detector
Precise bubble detection alerts the user to remove the inline air bubble so it doesn't enter the patient.

15: Integrated SpO2 Monitoring
Optional SpO2 monitoring features industry trusted Masimo ® technology.