Medrad® Spectris Solaris® EP MR Injection System



Medrad® Spectris Solaris® EP offers the features and flexibility to ease the demands of complex contrast-enhanced procedures.

  • 3.0T compatibility: even when placed right next to the bore of the magnet
  • Enhanced Power Management: the integrated continuous battery charger (iCBC) allows you to plug the system into any available outlet
  • Pressure Limit Control: preset pressure limits provide enhanced control for clinicians when using additional patient access tubing like Power PICC and central lines
  • Off-Floor Mobile Unit: Design means it is easy to store flush against the wall

Simple to Use

  • Six user-programmable phases for added flexibility
  • Color touch-screen optimized to reduce system setup
  • Independent "keep vein open" (KVO) rate provides greater automation of injection process

Features and Benefits

Medrad® Spectris Solaris® EP can provide all the versatility you want, and all the sophistication you expect, from the MR-injector market leader and offers these features:

  • Pressure Limit Setting Control enables customers to select from 1 of 6 preset maximum pressure limits, ranging from 100 psi-325 psi. In addition, it allows for viewing of current pressure during injection next to the pre-selected maximum value on the Medrad® Spectris Solaris® EP display
  • High-performance, 8-amp-hour battery offers longer scan times between charges
  • Flexible power management with integrated continuous battery charger (iCBC) option allows either full, non-tethered battery operation, or continuous battery charging through AC power connection-switch to either battery or wall power in seconds
  • 3.0T compatibility even when placed next to the magnet bore*
  • Mobile configuration available for MR trailers
  • Integrated, contrast-efficient disposables
  • Bayer-patented Hold & Pause gives you programming flexibility. Adjust protocol volume, flow rate, and more during either the hold or pause phase. Program a test injection into one protocol
  • Multi-phase injection control has 6 user-programmable phases that let you tailor and control injection protocols, from the basic to the most sophisticated MR study
  • Inject delay, scan delay, and stopwatch assist in dynamic timed studies and perfusion. Use inject delay to synchronize the injection start and the scan start, scan delay to precisely time injection phases, and stopwatch to display elapsed time since the start of an injection
  • Independent KVO allows you to function independently from the injection profile. A large 115 mL syringe holds sufficient saline for KVO and multiple injections
  • Medrad® Spectris Solaris® EP is one of the industry's most compact power-injection systems. Position the injector head component on either side of the patient table for maximum versatility
  • The injector head houses an "AIR EXPELLED" confirmation button that allows the user to acknowledge that air has been expelled from the fluid path at the patient's side
  • State-of-the-art fiber optics maintain direct, reliable communication between the injector in the scan room and the display control unit in the control room
  • Optimized color touchscreen has large numeric displays and graphical depiction of syringes that support at-a-glance identification of protocol and quick check of fluid levels
  • Remote battery charger can reside anywhere in the control room, and ensures that there is always a fresh battery for uninterrupted scanning